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We’ve Only Got A Few, So Book’em Early!

Thinking about taking a cycling vacation? I know we always are, but traveling with your bike can be difficult and scary without the right gear. You’ve basically two options, a dedicated travel case but that can be a pricey item that will get used maybe only once a year and secondly, a cardboard bike box, which is just that; a cardboard box!

Well worry no more because Hammer City has you covered with our Evoc travel bag rentals!

Evoc easily makes the best bicycle travel case for Road or Mountain bikes on the market bar none. We stole this description from their site:

“The EVOC Bike Travel Bag is ready for all of your trips by plane, car, train or boat. Better still, your bike can be stowed safely within the bag in just minutes. Only the handlebar, pedals and wheels need to be dismounted. A clever belt system inside the bike bag keeps all parts held firmly in place while the robust padding and rubber reinforcements protect fragile components such as the drivetrain, fork and dropouts. EVOC's reinforced wheel pockets offer enough room for hefty 2.5” downhill tires as well as increased structure to the bag itself. The wide footprint provides stability while the smooth-running wheels and conveniently placed handles make the EVOC Bike Travel Bag very easy and comfortable bike case to use.”

2 Cases are available by the day or by the week;

$15.00 per Day

$90.00 per Week

Rentals also require a refundable $350.00 deposit per case at pick-up and late bag returns are charged at rate of $25 per day and if you’re late enough that someone else misses their rental that forfeits your deposit on top of the late fee and comes with some bad Ju-Ju (it’s all in the contract you’ll need to sign and Ju-Ju is a legal term, look it up)

Reserve your bag early and travel in style like you’re George Clooney.


Evoc Travel Bag Rentals

Travel With Your Bike With Confidence AND Style

Another way to travel with your bike that is easy and safe, Thule Raceway rear mounted carriers in two and three bike configurations.

The premium Raceway is Thule’s strongest, most secure and easiest to use rear-mounted bike carrier that features Sure-Tight ratcheting cables, molded rubber pads to provide firm hold and protect against scratches while providing maximum fastening security and their Patented FitDial all to guarantee a “perfect fit” to your vehicle. Combine these features with a Patented No-Sway Cage to prevent bike-to-bike contact and lockable cables that secure your bikes to the carrier and the carrier to your vehicle and you’ve got a worry free drive ahead.

With two styles available we can fit most vehicles and most bikes be it for the weekend or a couple of weeks we’ve got you covered.

Check Thule’s Fit Guide to see if your vehicle is compatible here.

Rental racks also require a refundable $150.00 deposit at pick-up and late returns are charged at rate of $25 per day and if you’re late enough that someone else misses their rental that forfeits your deposit on top of the late fee and it also comes with some bad Ju-Ju.

Rates are:

$40 Friday to Monday

$55 Per Week

2+ Weeks Please Contact for Availability and Rate


Thule Raceway Pro Rack Rentals